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How BPW sets innovation in motion

BPW - A reliable partner in the transport industry for 120 years

Innovation - BPW Bergische Achsen

BPW has embodied the progress and change in the transport industry for around 120 years: with groundbreaking new technical developments, system solutions, production methods, quality standards and services, BPW is one of the leading innovation drivers in freight transport and logistics. BPW is successful worldwide and has been a reliable size and reliable partner to its customers for generations. The company is constantly changing and developing - a dynamic company in an industry that is always on the move.





Im Rahmen der neuen Serie "Digital World" hat Welt der Wunder TV einen Beitrag über unsere digitalen Innovationen für mehr Sicherheit und Effizienz im Transport gedreht. Schauen Sie gerne mal rein! Hier geht's zum YouTube Video
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Innovation - BPW Bergische Achsen
Innovation - BPW Bergische Achsen

BPW realignment

Best Brand, Best Employer, GreenTec Award or the award as Top 100 Innovation Leader in medium-sized businesses. The reorientation of the company as an international mobility and system partner has boosted the innovative ability of the BPW Group: Whether revolutionary developments such as eTransport, or further developments such as the new generation of BPW ECO Disc brakes.

Innovation - BPW Bergische Achsen

Telematic Systems

Telematics systems, such as the market leader cargofleet 3 developed by idem telematics, detect defects or announce the necessary replacement of wearing parts at an early stage. The system-open platform, independent of vehicle manufacturers, networks mixing fleets, fleet operators, dispatchers and drivers and ensures transparency in the transport process.


Innovation - BPW Bergische Achsen

Electrification by BPW

A growing number of cities are implementing driving bans, special requirements, and restrictions on diesel-powered vehicles. For you as a logistics operator, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach city centre destinations efficiently and on time. Electric vehicles are a real alternative for urban traffic and transport, especially in cities. With its tried-and-tested eTransport electric drive, BPW offers future-proof and economical technology for your commercial vehicles.


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