1 tour feeds 20 cows for 1 year

February 2022

This 20-tonne high-speed tractor proves its strength both in the field and on the road for Futtertrocknung Lamerdingen eG.

Traffic lights and light poles had to make way for these transformers

December 2021

Each of the four transformers that KAHL SCHWERLAST was to move from Lauenburg to Oststeinbeck in Schleswig-Holstein weighs 300 tons.

On 96 wheels to the destination

October 2021

12 axles of the company BPW Bergische Achsen KG and 96 wheels of a self-propelled heavy-duty module were directed by the employee of Hofmann Kran-Vermietung GmbH & Co. KG used his control panel for this transport.

Erst zweigeteilt, dann neues Leben

September 2021

Nach vielen Jahren als Ausflugsdampfer auf dem Zwischenahner Meer in Niedersachsen bekommt die „MS Oldenburg“ eine neue Aufgabe: Sie soll gut 20 Kilometer entfernt als Restaurant im Oldenburger Hafen genutzt werden.

A strong partner at your back

August 2021

When the rape fields blossom bright yellow now in summer, the harvest time of the oil crop is approaching. And that means hard work for men like these, who lean against the tyres of the harvesting vehicle during a break for a snack.

Ships on wheels

April 2021

A whole 200 heavy-duty axle lines with 1,600 wheels were used by the specialist Hareket to move two passenger ships from dry dock to floating dock at the Turkish Tersan shipyard.

Quite slanting

March 2021

Wenn Ladungen wie Stahlbleche oder Kesselböden zu breit für die Straße sind, dürfen Spediteure auch mal schräg denken.

An oversized water tap

February 2021

A standard tap for a hand basin weighs only a few hundred grams – this relative, on the other hand, weighs in at a hefty 105 tonnes!

Where the truck wears Lederhosen

December 2020

This splendid guy drives in a pair of Bavarian Lederhosen and classic blue and white chequered beer on the streets of Southern Germany.

High up: A new record at Hämmerle!

November 2020

A proud ten metres high was the last element for the upper deck of the new Lake Constance ferry, which Hämmerle Spezialtransporte brought to Fußach in Austria.

Getting round the bend

October 2020

In order to manoeuvre special transports such as this wooden construction through the many roundabouts and curves in Austrian Tyrol district, the highest degree of flexibility is required.

Heavy on the road

May 2020

Tools for the automotive industry weigh up to 60 tons. To move them, you need strong axles – and more than usual.

A freight locomotive moves into the museum

March 2020

Many fans associate great emotions with Märklin's trains: The model trains from the toy manufacturer from Göppingen run worldwide through lovingly and elaborately designed miniature landscapes.

Please don‘t get in: Subway runs on the street

January 2020

When a subway needs to be repaired, it sometimes switches from rail to road for the way to the workshop.

The ‘Transport of the Year 2019’

December 2019

Almost a whole year of preparation was necessary for the extraordinary transport that the KAHL Group carried out in North Rhine-Westphalia.

A Christmas tree in the horizontal plane

November 2019

What a tree! A proud 17.50 metres high and weighing 4.5 tonnes is the spruce that lights up the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin at Christmas 2019.

Heavy load in the land of the pharaohs

November 2019

The people of ancient Egypt moved huge stones for their buildings with the help of clever strategies.

Between poverty and upswing

September 2019

India's economy is growing, but this is not yet visible in the means of transport that can be seen on many roads:

Rolling Artworks

August 2019

In 2017, the Tyrolean haulier Silo Melmer celebrated its 70th company anniversary with this airbrush picture on one of its silo vehicles.

A turbine goes into the air

July 2019

Road, rail or waterways are generally available for the realisation of large-volume and heavy transports. But sometimes it has to go particularly fast - and then there is only one solution: air freight.

Giant pressure cooker on the motorway

June 2019

Attention: the A26 motorway is completely closed – a 165-ton pressure cooker is on the road! This research autoclave, which works in a manner similar to the kitchen appliance, cures aircraft parts under high pressure and at a high temperature.

On the road in South Africa

March 2019

Four trailers with a total of 15 BPW axles and suspensions are coupled in series on a traction unit from Unitrans – one of South Africa's most important vehicle operators.

Hyperloop goes piggybacking

March 2019

An electromagnetic levitation system that transports passengers and goods at breakneck speed in transport capsules through vacuum tubes – this vision appeared like science fiction just a few years ago.

Joining forces

March 2019

Weighing 60 tonnes and a considerable 5.30 metres high and also wide, this dumper truck was transported to its new operating site in Rohrdorf in the Bavarian Pre-Alps.