Electrified reading

October 2020

Electric drives such as eTransport from BPW can revolutionise the commercial vehicle industry. But how exactly does the technology work and how can it be optimally applied? Bernd Rhein, Application Engineering Manager at BPW, has written a compact technical book on this subject, which conveys in-depth knowledge in an easily understandable way.

“This is exactly the technology we need”

September 2020

Germany should not get bogged down in long discussions about fuel cells but should take action and get this alternative drive technology on the road quickly - otherwise, as with the development of electromobility, valuable time would be lost. This is what Prof. Dr.-Ing. Achim Kampker urges. He is head of the Chair for Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components (PEM) at RWTH Aachen University and co-founded Streetscooter.

Quick battery swap rather than long charging frustration

July 2020

Pull up at the swap station, park the vehicle and after a short coffee break continue on your way with a fresh battery: ‘Route Charge’ turns electromobility into a new experience for Meyer & Meyer drivers – without becoming frustrated by long charging times. The fashion logistics specialist plans to use the battery swap system along specific regular routes. And this is not the only e-mobility project from the family-owned company in Osnabrück.

Emission-free through the night

May 2020

Night logistics could be a real problem-solver: with emission-free and low-noise vehicles, night logistics protects the climate and could even spare local residents’ nerves from imminent gridlock in cities. But how much longer do we need to wait for this to become reality?

Electric heavy goods vehicles? No problem!

January 2020

For a long time, it was impossible to imagine heavy goods vehicles and alternative drives going hand in hand. With the eActros, the first Daimler 25-tonner with an electric engine, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has made this combination possible: robust, reliable and with a range of around 200 kilometres – when it comes to customer use, does this electric truck live up to the hype? Baden-Württemberg company Logistik Schmitt is putting the vehicle through its paces.

Battery research: cells with a future

December 2019

Politicians and experts alike agree that electric vehicles are part of the future of mobility. Powerful batteries are the key element of electric vehicles. That’s why there is currently massive investment going into German battery research and production. While Asian companies are currently at the forefront of battery technology, this soon ought to change.

Practical testing of electrified commercial vehicles – are they ready for day-to-day operations yet?

December 2019

How reliable is an electric drive in the axle? Are the ranges sufficient for day-to-day long-distance transport? How will the customers respond – and what do drivers think of the electrified drive system of the future? A six-month practical test of the BPW eTransport axle at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has returned some revealing results.

Powering ahead to the very last mile: optimising routes for commercial electric vehicles

November 2019

How can fully electric commercial vehicles’ battery capacity be designed to reliably meet everyday transport requirements? When it comes to electric mobility for logistics, this question is key. There is a lack of practical experience as well as valid data. Researchers from TU Berlin, Fulda University of Applied Sciences and Fraunhofer IML are hoping to shed more light on the issue with their latest research project.

Urban logistics: on the road to zero emissions

November 2019

Many European cities are experimenting with their own ways of making urban logistics more sustainable and more user-friendly for residents. Gothenburg, for example, is focusing on consolidating inner-city freight transport, Zurich is examining which trends in the retail sector will impact the city in the future and Utrecht is striving for a completely emission-free centre.

A clean sweep: Cologne street-cleaning service goes electric

June 2019

The Mercedes-Benz Vario hasn’t been consigned to the history books yet, as Cologne’s municipal waste management company AWB will soon start using an electric version of the iconic truck for the first time. The 7.5-ton truck is set to put a new spin on urban mobility in the cathedral city. The commercial vehicle is driven by a spectacular piece of high-tech engineering: the eTransport drive axle from BPW.

KA-RaceIng: full speed ahead with electric racing cars

April 2019

Constructing your own racing car and putting it to the test in an international competition? Now that’s exciting stuff. In Karlsruhe, this dream is being lived by students who have joined KA-RaceIng, an association affiliated with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Modular electric trucks for city logistics

February 2019

Diesel out, electric drive in – a truck with a diesel engine can become a sparkling clean electric truck for city logistics. In order for this transformation to succeed, researchers at RWTH Aachen University are developing a modular system with all the necessary components. The heart of the system is the eTransport electric drive axle from BPW.

Solar roads for more sustainability in transport

February 2019

The Berlin-based start-up Solmove builds solar modules that can be installed on roads – thus transforming asphalt into new spaces for alternative energy usage and green energy provision.

Zero emissions in just two weeks

May 2018

A combination of BPW’s electric axle drive eTransport and the expertise of the special-purpose vehicle maker Paul Nutzfahrzeuge is transforming the Mercedes-Benz Vario into an electric van.

Smart use of digital technology at UPS

May 2018

Organising logistics in the city means organising mobility. Here, parcel delivery companies such as UPS are important players. Alternative technologies are intended to assist them in their work.

Model city for electromobility

September 2016

How is it possible to integrate electromobility in a conurbation such as Cologne, and how does the technology perform in everyday life? The model project ‘colognE-mobil’ – one of the largest field studies of electric vehicles conducted to date – has found answers to these and other questions.

A quiet heavyweight

September 2016

The logistics experts of Bavaria’s SCHERM Group are deploying the first-ever 40-tonne truck with electric drive for just-in-time deliveries for BMW. This is a clear push towards alternative drives for trucks.