These ideas really help against driver shortages

February 2022

Germany already has a shortage of between 60,000 and 80,000 truck drivers.
-drivers. How do you still attract good people to fill vacancies? And how do you keep them? We present eight approaches from practice that could still use many supporters.

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Award for top graduates

August 2021

Every year, the best graduates of the training programme for freight forwarding and logistics services can apply for the title "Young Freight Forwarder Germany". To do so, they present a creative solution for a logistics task to the expert jury.

Smart solutions for the parking problem

March 2021

Es ist vergleichbar mit der „Reise nach Jerusalem“ – allerdings ohne den Spaßfaktor des Spiels. Tausende Lkw-Fahrer suchen jeden Tag vergebens nach einem Stellplatz, um ihre Ruhezeiten einhalten zu können. Das Start-up-Unternehmen „Park Your Truck“ will das altbekannte Problem lösen, indem es Flächenbesitzer und Berufskraftfahrer auf smarte Weise zusammenbringt.

“My drivers have a big share in the company’s success”

March 2021

Unternehmerin Ramona Sabelus engagiert sich mit einem eigenen Verein für Berufskraftfahrer, die unverschuldet in eine schwierige Situation geraten sind: Bei „Trucker in Not“ können sie unbürokratisch finanzielle Hilfe beantragen. Sabelus will den Fahrern damit die Wertschätzung geben, die sie mit ihrer wichtigen und anspruchsvollen Tätigkeit verdienen.

“Professional drivers deserve more respect!”

January 2021

Jörg Schwerdtfeger never imagined that he would become an influencer at the age of 50. But with his voluntary initiative "I am a professional driver and deserve respect", the experienced haulage expert has hit a nerve. More than 27,000 subscribers and a lively exchange on the Facebook channel of the same name speak for themselves.

“Sometimes the nerves lie bare”

December 2020

The corona pandemic once again shows how important professional drivers are for the supply of society. Torsten Busch is on the road for the Seifert Logistics Group with an articulated truck with a 13.60-metre tautliner trailer in local transport in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. For he reports how he experiences his job in 2020.

From truck driver to pilot coach

March 2020

Pilot coach – that sounds like something linked to aviation. But it is, in fact, very down-to-earth as we’re talking about the kings of the road: truck drivers. So that they can fulfil their tasks responsibly and to the best of their ability, the haulier Reinert Logistics trains special driving trainers. After all, it is about much more than just manoeuvring the drawbar trailer from the loading point to the unloading point.

‘As a woman, you can accomplish anything in the logistics industry.’

March 2020

On 8 March, it is International Women’s Day – it has been a public holiday in Berlin since 2019, while in other countries, such as Russia and Vietnam, it has been for much longer. How are women faring in logistics? The best way to find out what’s going well and where difficulties lie is for successful women in logistics to tell us themselves.

The Transport Ambassadors are flying the logistics flag

January 2020

What does a Transport Ambassador actually do? Neither the Federal Foreign Office nor Wikipedia has an answer to this question. Perhaps it’s best asking someone who already has this title on their business card, such as Jens Thiermann, Chair of the Die Transportbotschafter (The Transport Ambassadors) e. V. association.

Will trucks soon park in high-bay warehouses?

November 2019

According to the German Haulage, Logistics and Waste Disposal Federation (abbreviated BGL in German), German motorways lack 35,000 to 40,000 parking spaces for trucks. What can be done about this? A software company has developed an innovative system that creates three to four times as many parking spaces in a given area, thus solving several problems at the same time – the ‘TruckTower’ is an environmentally friendly truck parking facility and an inexpensive hotel for truck drivers in one.

‘The drivers are the backbone of the German economy’

November 2019

Logistics is suffering from a severe lack of drivers – the profession has lost its appeal and its image is suffering. The ‘PROFI – Pro Fahrer-Image’ initiative aims to change this and ensure that industry, retail, the transport sector and the general public once again appreciate professional drivers for what they are, namely one of the most important players in the logistics chain. In an interview, Professor Dirk Engelhardt, chairman of the board of Germany’s Federal Road Freight Transport, Logistics and Waste Management Association (abbreviated BGL in German), and Ralf Merkelbach, key account manager for major fleets in Europe at BPW Bergische Achsen, explain how the initiative plans to achieve this goal.

Truck drivers have big heart for small children

July 2019

When around 125 trucks drive onto the large motorway service area in Schwabhausen, near Gotha in the German state of Thuringia, quite a few of the people watching have tears in their eyes and goosebumps . This is because there’s a child in every driver’s cab that is enjoying a very special happy day today. ‘A Happy Day of Life’ is the name of the annual charity event that gives children and young people from difficult backgrounds the opportunity to go for a ride in a real truck.

DocStop: Medical help for truck drivers

March 2019

Professional truck drivers who need medical assistance during a journey often do not know how to find a doctor near them who can treat them at short notice. And where can they park their 40-tonne truck during the visit? The DocStop initiative has created a network that provides truck drivers with quick and straightforward help in such situations.

Campaigning on behalf of drivers

March 2019

The association "Allianz im deutschen Transportwesen e.V." gives truck drivers a voice and advocates fair wages and accident prevention.

The joy of driving

September 2018

Trucks have a polarising effect: often scorned by car drivers and loved by long-distance truckers. But where does the magic of a truck come from?

Oldies but Goldies!

September 2018

Restoring a classic truck to full working order demands patience, knowledge and perseverance. A fascination with the historic vehicles fuels these efforts.