Rolling workstations

April 2022

"Bischoff & Scheck" builds mobile worlds on trailers in which racing cars, recording studios, laboratories or show horses are safely accommodated. The vehicle manufacturer from Rheinmünster creates individual trailer concepts with its customers - and puts them on wheels ready for use.

Show appreciation with small gestures

April 2022

Logisticians not only need good working conditions and fair wages. Above all, they also want more appreciation. Here, actors in the sector reveal how they show this with small gestures - gestures that cost nothing or almost nothing, but with which everyone can gain a lot.

The charm of a medium-sized company – coupled with all the strengths of a corporate group

November 2021

With its new location in Düsseldorf, Spedition Kukla has gained a foothold in the Rhine-Ruhr region. Managing Director Dennis Paul Mahnecke likes the flat hierarchies of the company, his team and he work together with the customers to find the transport solutions they really need in practice.

The great final spurt

October 2021

The pandemic has permanently changed consumers' shopping behavior: In lockdown times, Germans bought significantly more online - and many want to stick with it. This pushes the classic peak season at the end of the year with Christmas shopping, Black Friday and the like even more strongly. Parcel service providers like UPS are preparing all the more thoroughly for this time.

Ice-cold pleasure – served climate neutrally

June 2021

Sommer, Sonne und dazu ein süßes, cremiges Speiseeis: Das ist ein unwiderstehlicher Dreiklang. Eine Berliner Eismanufaktur macht das Vergnügen noch größer, denn sie strebt Klimaneutralität an – von der Produktion bis zur Logistik.

“We move big things”

May 2021

The forwarding company Universal Transport specialises in transporting heavy loads such as aircraft or wind turbine rotor blades. For more than 60 years, Universal Transport has been planning such elaborate projects with a lot of perseverance, concentration, patience as well as good material - and always under the charming company motto "... don't worry, be heavy!".

Family business: Kubenz makes a career

April 2021

Konstantin Kubenz ist ein Vollblut-Logistiker, der bereits mit zwölf Jahren sein erstes Transportunternehmen aufgebaut hat. Damals war das zwar nur eine Wirtschaftssimulation am Computer – aber die Erfahrung war ohne Zweifel nachhaltig. Heute ist der 32-Jährige Chef des europäischen Gefahrgutlogistikers Kube & Kubenz. Für zieht er Bilanz und gibt einen Ausblick, wohin die Reise künftig geht.

Reduced weight – not stability

December 2020

Lose a good 20 per cent of weight in just three months. The vehicle manufacturer experts at August Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG from Hagen have succeeded in this feat: Their new coil semitrailer meets all the requirements of modern lightweight construction without sacrificing stability. Numerous lightweight components from BPW contribute to the successful diet – from aluminium wheel hubs to lightweight trailing arms.

“We are ready for any kind of diversification”

September 2020

Insights into a troubled industry: How badly have the recession and Corona crisis hit automotive logistics? And what gives hope for an upturn? Bernd Janssen, Managing Director of Brucherseifer Transport + Logistik, explains how to take new paths with flexibility and thus give companies and employees new dynamic.

“Further development is vital”

September 2020

The full-service logistics provider Duvenbeck has long been committed to the digitalization of transport and to its own innovations: The family business employs programmers and works with start-ups to develop digital solutions. Behind this is a successful corporate culture that has made Duvenbeck strong for the crisis.

Manoeuvring trailers faster

May 2020

The traditional Bavarian vehicle manufacturer Martin Reisch GmbH produces high-quality drawbar trailers for the agricultural and commercial vehicle industry. With a new auxiliary steering system, customers can now manoeuvre backwards faster and more easily.

Millions in the making

March 2020

Heavy haulage specialist Daniel Bower shared his vision with The Drake Group to create a low-height, semi-modular, steerable low loader – the first interchangeable Drake platform to run entirely on BPW axles.

Locomotive builder sees success in new areas

February 2020

Von der Schiene auf die Straße: Beim Bau von Speziallokomotiven, etwa für den Tunnelbau, zählt die Schöma Maschinenfabrik aus Diepholz zu den weltweit führenden Anbietern. Vor zwei Jahren begann das Unternehmen, auch Agrarauflieger für den Gülletransport zu fertigen. Der Erfolg ließ nicht lange auf sich warten.

A quick route to Asia: the new Silk Road

July 2019

The new Silk Road is bringing the idea of ancient trade routes into the modern age – the gargantuan infrastructure project is set to fundamentally change logistics in Asia. But what realistic potential does the megaproject actually offer? Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has used the rail link for several years, including for Porsche. An intercultural project at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences is looking at what the Silk Road means for the neighbouring countries and the people who live there, with students following the trading route over land from Hamburg to Shanghai.

Tools for digitalisation and successful transformation

March 2019

The Ulm-based logistics provider C. E. Noerpel GmbH is really getting to grips with digital transformation. The solutions that the company has implemented with carefully selected digitalisation tools are set to bring rapid benefits to employees and customers. The focus is therefore on controlling warehouse processes with control centres, replacing existing freight-forwarding software with a company-wide solution and establishing a modern data management system.

Green logistics in practice

February 2019

Meyer Logistik is very interested in new technologies that make transport more sustainable for people and the environment. The family-owned company is particularly keen on alternative drives that enable green logistics. The company, which specialises in temperature-sensitive goods, also works closely with suppliers, customers and universities.

A meteoric partnership

September 2018

With the sonorous sound from an engine with a capacity of over twelve litres and a tremendous torque fed by more than 1,000 horsepower converging in wheel-to-wheel battles, there are few who can resist the fascination of truck racing. The motorsports enthusiasts involved will even sacrifice a night’s sleep in the fight for tenths of a second and trophies.

The trailer city

September 2018

In China, a thriving hotspot for semi-trailer production has grown up in the city of Liangshan. One in six of the country’s trailer manufacturers is based there. BPW has established itself as a key supplier.

Reliability is a must

May 2018

Haulier Peter Peisker of Waldbröl has been using BPW running gears for many years after being won over by their quality. He put together his two latest trailers at the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade show and equipped them with further products from BPW Group companies.

Aircargo Transport: Quality, well received

May 2018

For three decades, Aircargo Transport GmbH in North Rhine-Westphalia has been providing road feeder and other services. The company uses the Cargofleet platform of idem telematics to exchange data and information about the fleet.

Taking 1,000 tonnes over seven bridges

May 2016

While industry is producing ever heavier engines, turbines and transformers, infrastructure is unable to keep pace. The transport of such goods calls for intelligent logistics solutions. The KAHL Group counts on heavy-duty modules that use axle suspension units from BPW.

Working together for greater success

May 2016

Good and trusting working relationships with your partners enable you to deliver high quality and also to continually follow new avenues. As the largest alliance in the German retail sector, Edeka stands for an active partnership between retail and wholesale.