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Step 1: Soil tillage

Economical standard chassis solutions || Strong axle beams for maximum reliability || Constant braking effect for maximum safety || 5 times higher corrosion protection compared to conventional painting processes for a long service life || EU-compliant brakes

Step 2: Sowing

Customer-specific complete solutions with limited space conditions || Tailor-made design for customer vehicles || FMEA-tested design for long service life || Integration without additional welding work || EU-compliant brakes

Step 3: Fertilise

High roll stability due to wide support of the hydraulic cylinders || Uncompromising driving comfort and load protection thanks to large spring travel and complete dynamic compensation || Integrated fastening - no additional welding work necessary || FMEA-tested frame construction for a long service life || Low installation costs, as the system solution is completely ready for installation

Step 4: Plant protection

Developed design according to customer requirements || Optimum connection between axles and body saves time and service costs || 28° steering angle for better manoeuvrability || Integrated, protected steering angles and speed, direction of rotation sensors for maximum reliability || Integration into the running gear without additional welding work || EU-compliant brakes

Step 5: Harvesting

Asymmetrical pendulum structure for easier ground hugging || Ideal balance for heavy off-road use || No brake overload thanks to optimum weight shifting || Long service life of wear parts || Frame protection thanks to side-independent compensation

The hydraulically driven axle BPW AGRO Drive:


Their sophisticated design allows maintenance work and brake pad changes to be carried out without dismantling the hydraulic motor. The proven BPW braking system is also used.







The AGRO Hub informs agricultural customers about the mileage of a chassis.

The data can be transmitted to the display unit of the driven machine via the ISO bus communication channel. A weighing system is also integrated: The weight is determined with an accuracy of +/- two percent.

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With the AGRO Hub system, BPW provides the automotive industry with a digital multi-talent that pays for a wide variety of application scenarios. Sensors permanently record the axle load, the speed and the direction of rotation of the trailer and obtain a wealth of useful data from this: The total weight of the trailer as well as its daily and total mileage, operating hours, maintenance intervals - and much more. The data can be read out either via ISOBUS without additional terminals in the towing vehicle or simply via Bluetooth: The associated app presents the information in clear graphics on the smartphone or tablet computer. The system simplifies accounting for contractors - either according to weight, hours or other performance parameters.


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