Start reducing weight, costs and CO2!

With the perfect combination of Airlight II, BPW LightTube and the aluminium hub from BPW.

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Lightweight options - BPW Bergische Achsen

There's nothing lighter!

When transporting goods, every excess kilogram causes unnecessary costs and emissions. This means that the key to greater efficiency and CO2 savings lies in reducing the unladen weight of your vehicle – while maintaining the same functionality and sturdiness.

When combined with the lightweight components Airlight II and aluminium hub, BPW LightTube results in the lightest running gear on the market. You benefit from weight savings of 96 kg per vehicle, which translates into additional turnover of 960 euros thanks to the increased payload. This means you save threefold: weight, costs and CO2!


BPW lightweight options: weight, costs and CO2 saving made easy.

  • You benefit from the 5 + 3-year ECO Plus warranty with unlimited mileage in on-road operation throughout Europe.
  • You gain valuable competitive advantages thanks to an increased load capacity and lower fuel consumption.
  • You benefit from a more comfortable drive thanks to the lower sprung mass.
  • Even extremely lightweight construction solutions can be implemented individually for each customer.
  • You benefit from more flexibility in production.
  • The modular design makes installation and maintenance easy.
  • Highest stability due to high-strength forged aluminium hub.


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