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Disc brakes ECO Disc

Disc brakes ECO Disc
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Product details

BPW's ECO Disc is the disc brake which has really earned its renowned name. From the very start, BPW engineers have ensured all the running gear components are perfectly coordinated and without any trade-offs. The ECO Disc thus offers you a whole range of benefits which pay off for you in terms of more loading possibilities, quicker brake service and a high-quality and long life disc brake.


Up to 39 kg lighter thanks to Compact Design

ECO Disc makes each axle up to 13 kg lighter. In a three-axle unit, this adds up to 39 kg. It is an enormous weight saving that has only been made possible with innovative BPW Compact Design. After all, BPW has succeeded in connecting the brake directly to the axle beam and integrating it fully into the system. The advantages are obvious: fewer interfaces and much lower weight. And all this with the same level of stability. How do you benefit? Greater efficiency with a higher payload. ECO Disc - the best demonstration that, quite simply proves: less is more.

Extremely straightforward maintenance thanks to our attention for details

The innovative Compact Design of the ECO Disc not only reduces the axle weight, it is also no longer necessary to remove the brake calliper during a disc change. It is a clever solution which, in conjunction with the tried and tested ECO principle, saves you valuable time. The ECO principle makes it possible to install the hub bearing unit using the Formula 1 method. With the ease of access to the retaining spring, it is possible to renew the pads and disc in record time. In short: ECO Disc reduces downtime, service costs and the installation complexity of normal brake services.

Dank des ECO-Prinzips: schneller und einfacher Bremsscheibenwechsel ohne Demontage des Bremssattels

Thanks to the ECO principle: quick and easy brake disc change

Servicefreundlich: die Positionierung des BPW Rückstellers

without removing the brake calliper

Extremely robust thanks to interior seals

We have exposed the ECO Disc to the most extreme conditions in worldwide field trials. The trailer disc brake merely shrugged off icy weather in the Arctic Circle as well as the dust and red hot heat of the Australian outback. This is due in part to the innovative interior BPW seals. They are more effectively protected against thermal and mechanical damage, thereby preventing the ingress of dirt and moisture into the interior of the brake - which they do very efficiently. We have also added additional seals to the bearings in order to ensure they remain fully protected. And that's not all: ECO Disc brake callipers have cataphoretic dip-coating. All in all, these amount to the best prerequisites for a long brake life.

Sorgen für optimalen Schutz: die neuartigen, innenliegenden Faltenbälge

Providing optimum protection: innovative interior seals.
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Before (left), after: With Compact Design (below), for the first time the brake is directly connected to the axle beam. (right)

Before (left), after: With Compact Design (below), for the first time the brake is directly connected to the axle beam. (right)

Features and benefits

  • Quick and easy brake service through smart detailed solutions
  • Effective heat dissipation by proven BPW flanged disc concept
  • Low weight thanks to lightweight construction
  • Optimally matched friction pairings (pads/brake disc)
  • Special BPW disc alloy for high resistance to wear and cracking
  • Reduced stock keeping because the same brake discs are used for 0 and 120 offset
  • Symmetrical wear throughout the entire brake pad service life
  • Increased disc surface area for optimum heat dissipation
  • Sensitive response, good controllability and minimal thermal fading

Technical specifications

BPW ECO Disc: Example TSB 4309

BPW ECO Disc: Example TSB 4309


  • Scheibenbremsen ECO Disc - Downloads

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