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TC Trailer Gateway

TC Trailer Gateway
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Product details

Cargofleet Trailer Gateway is an cost-effective entry-level telematics system for transport companies. The modular telematics monitoring solution is adaptable to your expectations and simply extendable.

The basis of the new trailer telematics is TC Trailer Gateway, an on-board computer that processes data from so-called hubs. Each hub has an individual function - checking the temperature of the refrigerated box, for example, or the status of the diesel tank for the refrigerator - and can be flexibly connected to TC Trailer Gateway. In the basic package, functions include:

  • geolocation (Track and Trace)
  • truck/ trailer coupling Status
  • EBS data

Accordingly, TC Trailer Gateway covers a number of essential requirements. Additional hubs allow the range of functions to be adapted to the needs of vehicle operators as required, at any time. New functionality is continuously being worked on by our team, keeping you up to date and offering you more transparency in your transport processes.

To provide a better overview, the hubs are divided into three different functional Areas from which transport companies can select according to their individual requirements: efficiency hubs such as tyre pressure monitoring are of particular benefit for the cost-effective operation of vehicles, while safety hubs such as the door sensor system for monitoring cargo space help to protect goods from theft. Quality hubs, moreover, which include an EN 12830-certified temperature recorder, ensure the Quality of goods. After TC Gateway has been fitted, you can easily install new hubs in accordance with the plug-and-play principle. 

Beside the existing hubs, you can specify your own individual requirements that can be developed by our team of specialists. Please contact us!

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