BPW ECO Air. The first modular running gear of its kind.

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Features and benefits

Impressive Benefits

  • Weight reduction 27 kg in 3-axle aggregate.
  • A running gear for on- and offroad use.
  • High flexibility in running gear assembly due to patented laser process.
  • 5 + 3 year warranty on axle, suspension, mounting, hub and bearings.

Benefits of decentralised assembly

  • Digital and modular.
  • You benefit from digitised processes right from configuration and purchasing.
  • Thanks to the digital DNA, each component is tagged with information on technical properties and possible combinations.
  • You shorten your lead time thanks to modular architecture and standardized components.
  • You effectively minimise your stock.

Product details

BPW ECO Air is the new generation of running gear from BPW. Designed from the ground up as a complete, modular, digitised system.

This not only streamlines the configuration, design and production of trailers, but also opens up new flexibility for vehicle manufacturers and significantly reduces both weight and costs. From the moment it is ordered, ECO Air carriesa unique digital DNA that stays with the running gear throughout its entire life, from production to maintenance. This digital DNA makes highly efficient processes and intelligent services possible across its entire life cycle. A patented laser welding process not only makes the running gear much lighter, it proves that at BPW, innovation is not only considered in terms of digital processes, but that renewal is also possible in the traditional field of metal processing.

ECO Air - BPW Bergische Achsen

Modular Architecture

ECO Air is BPW's completely redesigned all-road running gear. The modular architecture with standardised, intelligent components makes it possible to purchase running gear as a kit and install the required variants of the components themselves - for both on- and offroad use. This enables extremely fast processing times and maximum flexibility!

ECO Air - BPW Bergische Achsen

Patented Production Process

We employ a patented high-tech laser production process that, for the first time, combines BPW's typical clamped modular air suspension mounting with round axle beams. This ensures maximum durability a weigth saving of 27 kg in a 3-axle suspension!