BPW iGurt - BPW Bergische Achsen

BPW iGurt: The new intelligent cargo restraint system.

With iGurt from BPW, your cargo is now under control at all times.

Features and benefits

  • iGurt is extremely straightforward to attach
  • You can reliably monitor the preload when tightening the straps and during travel
  • The app informs you of drops in the preload values
  • You reduce damage and the risk of accidents caused by inadequately secured goods
  • Greater transparency and reduced down times
  • Battery replacement is simple and is only necessary after around a year
  • The iGurt app can be used as a stand-alone app or integrated in a telematics solution
  • Only secure with the Dolezych lashing strap specially developed for the iGurt

Amortization calculator

BPW iGurt - BPW Bergische Achsen

Many factors influence the point at which a purchase pays for itself. A new, helpful tool is now available: the iGurt amortisation calculator. Test it now and calculate the amortisation of intelligent load securing for your fleet:

Calculate amortisation now

Product details

BPW iGurt - BPW Bergische Achsen

With iGurt from BPW, your cargo is now under control at all times. The smart restraint system even displays the tension during tightening, thus making it easy to attach the lashing straps correctly. The correct preload is continually monitored during travel. If one of the straps loosens, iGurt sends a warn-ing message to the app on the driver’s smartphone or tablet. You can therefore transport sensitive goods more reliably and safely and can benefit from a reduction in damage caused by overly tight lashing or due to the load tipping.

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BPW iGurt - BPW Bergische Achsen

You already have an iGurt and want to get started straight away?

You will find the appropriate app in the Google Play Store!

Or directly here as APK-version:

Download iGurt App

Information on battery disposal

In connection with the sale of batteries or the delivery of devices containing batteries, we are obliged to inform you of the following:
As the end user, you are legally obliged to return used batteries. You can return used batteries, which we carry or have carried as new batteries in our range, free of charge to our dispatch warehouse (dispatch address). The symbols shown on the batteries have the following meaning:
The symbol of the crossed-out dustbin means that the battery must not be placed in the household waste.
   Pb = Battery contains more than 0.004% lead by mass.
   Cd = battery contains more than 0.002 mass percent cadmium
   Hg = Battery contains more than 0.0005% mercury by mass.

Please take the instructions above into account.

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