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BPW BrakePadMonitor

Stop downtime in its tracks!

Features and benefits

What you need to know:

  • The BrakePadMonitor can be fully integrated in the BPW cargofleet telematics platform and the Driver app.
  • The permissible automotive temperature range is between -40°C and +85°C.
  • Assembly is on the fixed bearing side on the brake caliper.
  • The BrakePadMonitor is suitable for use in new vehicles and for retrofitting.


  • You minimise the downtime caused by brake failures.
  • You reduce your operational costs by avoiding premature brake pad or disc replacement.
  • You can plan the optimal maintenance intervals.
  • You have access to all the essential information at all times, wherever you are.
  • You ensure that your vehicles are safer on the roads.
  • There is no need to replace the BrakePadMonitor every time you change a pad.

Product details

BrakePadMonitor - BPW Bergische Achsen

The BrakePadMonitor from BPW helps you to keep a constant eye on your trailer’s brake pads.

The continuous monitoring of wear on your disc brakes means that you can plan the optimal maintenance intervals, minimise downtime and therefore reduce your operational costs.

The BrakePadMonitor consists of an ensor that is attached in the brake caliper and transmits data about brake pad and brake disc wear to a control unit. The data is then displayed in the cargofleet telematics platform and the Driver app for you to view at any time, wherever you are.

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BrakePadMonitor - BPW Bergische Achsen

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