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Intelligent running gears from BPW

Running gears with a system

Covering individual components as well as fully coordinated running gear systems and a comprehensive range of services, our modular system offers a huge choice for combining running gear components. As a system provider, we deliver running gear systems for all types of trailers and semi-trailers.

Over 100 years of running gear expertise

For around 120 years, engineers in the BPW Group have sought ways to improve the design and construction of all the different running gear components. Their goal is to increase driving comfort while optimising active safety. We create solutions that help our customers to be more competitive.

The running gear innovator

The name BPW stands for axle systems designed to meet the most challenging requirements. We have all the tools we need to develop and build new and innovative running gear systems. In this manner, we can satisfy individual requirements of our customers at any time. Featuring proven BPW quality, of course!

BPW running gears for vehicle manufacturers and operators

A good running gear is more than just the sum of its parts. Optimal interplay of all components is required in order to achieve the desired performance and efficiency. Remember: you can always get the right solution from BPW – individually coordinated for the specific vehicle type and operational purpose.

Rigid axles from BPW: handling the heaviest loads with ease

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BPW steering axles

BPW steering axles: Cheaper and safer through the bends

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BPW special axles

For special requirements: Even special axles are standard for us

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Disc brake BPW ECO Disc

Disc brake BPW ECO Disc: Robust, easy to service and lightweight

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Drum brake ECO Drum: The cost reducer

Drum brake ECO Drum: The cost reducer

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BPW Wheel End

BPW Wheel End: the heart of our running gear systems

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BPW air suspensions for greater efficiency

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Mechanical suspensions

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ECO Wheel: ‘Brilliant’ aluminium wheels

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BPW ECO Meter: Everything under control

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