Your load always in view with solutions from BPW
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The intelligent load securing system "iGurt" from BPW already received the "German Innovation Award" in "Gold" in the category "Excellence in Business to Business - Automotive Technologies" in May 2019. The iGurt is worth its weight in gold above all for freight forwarders who have to settle transport damages of around 1.2 billion euros annually via their insurance companies. Inadequately secured cargo can not only fall down, but can also cause the entire truck train to lurch and tip, causing devastating accidents. Up to now, truck drivers have been lashing down freight by feel and by eye. However, if the belt is too tight, it can damage the cargo. If it is too loose, it can start to slip and become completely detached from the securing device.

A handy, robust sensor, which is strapped onto the tensioning belt, now displays the pretensioning force by means of an LED directly on the housing and also transmits it to a cell phone app of the driver while driving. The iGurt and app can be operated intuitively - and in the future they will also be networked with telematics systems. This allows the freight forwarder to track and document load securing even from a distance.

The BPW iGurt will soon be available at!