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BPW Seminars: Qualified further training

We would like to share our experience and our knowledge with you. Whether you have come to trust BPW quality over a number of years or whether you are just getting to know us: our seminars will pass on up to date know-how to you from its source. They are informative, practice-focused and provide many valuable tips in advice. This applies to vehicle manufacturers, parts dealers and the staff of transport companies and workshops - we have the right seminar for everyone.

Let us convince you of our quality. 

We are there for you:

BPW company seminars: Customised to meet your needs

Do you require our specialised know-how? Then we can devise a seminar which is precisely designed to meet your needs.

We provide the training wherever is best for you, for example, at your site. Comprehensive learning materials and numerous functioning exhibits mean that the contents of our training courses can also be delivered at your site in a lively and practice-focused way.

Or you can come and visit us. For groups of 10 persons and upwards, we are also happy to deliver the seminar customised for your company at our BPW Training Centre in Wiehl.

Interested in learning more?
Then do not delay but give us a call. We are there to help you: Tel.: +49 2262 78-1440 or by email.

Your BPW Seminar Team (from left to right): Nils Henkelmann (Trainer), Brigitte Dietachmair (Head of Sales Strategy International), Angelika Reinhold-Puhl (Organisation), Alexander Wolter (Trainer)



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