BPW we think transport

All there when you need it: exactly how you need it

Greater availability and less fuss? Your personal contact at BPW can
develop a tailor-made logistics concept with you. With our own logistics
centre in the background, BPW can supply you with components not only
at the right time but also ready to install straight away. In this way, you not only
reduce your stock, you also cut down the number of suppliers.

Global spare parts provision

BPW stocks about 7500 different part numbers in its logistics centre. Orders from within Germany received by 6 p.m. will be shipped to the customer by 8 a.m. the next morning. As a result, even customers who carry little stock are able to respond rapidly.

Delivery performance

Intelligent logistics combined with ground-breaking warehouse technology, powerful IT systems and a lean production process make BPW a highly reliable logistics partner with short response times. This enables you to meet any just-in-time requirements.

"All inclusive" logistical care

From order acceptance through to delivery, you will be dealt with by one individual contact. He or she will take down your requirements and process the order in a friendly and co-operative manner. For you, this means quick decision-making and clearly defined responsibilities.

Intelligent packaging solutions

The transport cradles developed by the BPW logistics centre for air suspension modules permit them to be transported without damage and reduce handling times at our customers' production sites. Our newly developed packaging for overseas deliveries complies with the strictest import regulations (e.g. Australia and China). Empty containers can be stacked compactly, so they can either be returned inexpensively for re-use, or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Customer-specific logistical support

In co-operation with our customers, we develop logistical concepts with the object of reducing stock, cutting response times and therefore saving costs. The principle objective is to reach the best solution for both parties. In this respect, we have already prepared logistics concepts on the basis of the KANBAN system and have implemented just-in-time deliveries. As well as an outstanding technical product, BPW therefore offers hybrid solutions, which are also demonstrated by our high-performance, innovative logistics.


With the BPW logistics centre, it is possible to prefabricate and dispatch deliveries to customers; this means customers will receive modules comprising more than the BPW product range (e.g. vehicle lighting, tyres or steel wheels). All orders are therefore made ready for production, from a single source.



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