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trailer world Issue One 2012

    Issue One 2012  13 Title for transport, so that it is slightly lower. A special route was worked out for the journey which offers as few hindrances as possible. Bremerhaven has emerged as one of Germany’s offshore “hot spots”. “There is no other place in the world which has so much to offer in this respect as Bremerhaven”, says Andreas Wellbrock of the BLG Logistics Group Bremen. It is not only manufacturers who have moved to the port city of Bremerhaven, but also institutes which carry out research and development together with partners from the industry, including a Fraunhofer Institute. BLG Logistics has transformed itself from a local port handling firm into an international logistics service-provider. It had experience mainly with container and automobile handling before it expanded its portfolio to include offshore. Andreas Wellbrock compares the current boom here to the devel- opment of the automotive industry: “in 1890, a car was considered as a high-tech product, but you still had to buy gasoline in the phar- macy. One can say that we must come to terms with the advances we have made in this industry in terms of offshore within the next ten years.” At the same time, the industry is still very young and has a lot to learn. Wellbrock hopes for greater cooperation within the industry, especially to reduce costs. “The manufacturers in the industry need to work together to establish common standards.” A number of companies want to get aboard the good ship “off- shore”, which will only pick up speed in the coming years. Almost the entire North Sea coast is in an optimistic mood: planning, construc- tion and research on “offshore” is going on almost everywhere from Emden in East Friesia to Brande in Denmark. Denmark is regarded as one of the forerunners, and there were already pilot projects The machine bearer – diameter 6.5 metres, weight 73 tonnes – is the largest part bought in by Bard. »Hot Spot« Bremerhaven The foundations for the offshore farm north-west of Borkum are manufactured and loaded in Cuxhaven.