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trailer world Issue One 2012

Again and again, man himself is needed as the “weightlifter”. But the correct technique is important.

    Issue One 2012  23 K K L L Fm 500 N K=5cmL=30cm Fm K=5cmL=20cm 500 N Ratio K:L Crane: 1:3 Man: 1:8 Load: 3500 N 10 kg 10 kg Load: 2500 N Knowledge The two-arm lever  What forces are at work when we lift something? This is answered by the lever rule: Force (Fm) x Force arm (K) = Load x Load arm. The lifting system of the spine corresponds to a two-arm lever: the human spine with its only five centimetres long spinous process - the force lever arm - is greatly inferior to a construction crane. Healthy lifting  Bent knees and a straight back: this is the golden rule for healthy lifting. A torque equa- tion explains why: Fm x K = Last x L. The load on the intervertebral disc is calculated as Fm + load. With a weight of 10 kg, the load in this example is 500 Newtons (object: 100 Newtons, weight of the upper body: 400 Newtons). The EcoPick System  80 to 90 % of the lifting work is ta- ken over by a system called EcoPick – a packing aid designed by Messrs. Gebhardt. An electrically operated lifting arm is connected by cables to cuffs on the wrists of the packer, relie- ving the burden when lifting weights of up to 25 kg. The ergonomic workplace  A flexibly adjustable working area offers many options for relieving the physical stresses when the picking or assembling parts. It depends mainly on the right working height, the optimal delivery of the packing or assembly pieces and the orientation in the grip area of the employee. This should be carefully trained to be able to operate the settings independently. The exoskeleton  Electro-mechanical exoskeletons are armour-like harnesses, which fit around the body and can amplify the muscle power of a person and at the same time relieve the stress on the bones. The first models were develo- ped in the USA for military and medical applications, and there are also prototypes for use in production and logistics, although these are still very expensive at the moment. Photos:GwynNissen,HBN-Teknik,BPW, Illustration:ManuelaHeins,PhoebeArns