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trailer world Issue One 2012

    Ausgabe Eins 2012  5 An oak tree goes on tour Its roots measure almost 13 metres in diameter. A wide circle was dug around them, some of them were cut, and then they were tied together with cables and packed. Then the giant tree, dubbed „Big Al“ by curious onlookers, was placed on cross-beams and lifted using a special hoist. Two self-propelled heavy load transporters were provided by the specialist company Goldhofer, who normally use them to transport ships or oil platforms. The transporters were coupled together side-by-side and conveyed the giant tree around two kilometres, close to the small town (pop. 33,000) of New Liberia in Louisiana. It took around one-and-a-half hours to transport the tree, and the road was closed to facilitate the move. All in all, the „Tour de Nature“ lasted more than six hours. Originally the plan had been to cut down the tree, but thanks to a petition organised by a local resident, it was decided to carry out the major replanting operation instead. For heavy transport specialists Berard, this was a Herculean logistical undertaking that was certainly not an everyday task. For 150 years, an oak tree in the US state of Louisiana was left to grow in peace. But now this 20-metre high, 400-tonne tree is being forced to make way for a service road. The Photo Photo:Goldhofer/Berard