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trailer world issue one 2015

    Issue One 2015  13 want to be immediately notified of any di- verging temperatures, in order to guarantee the best possible response times. Transport damages result in financial loss – but they can also tarnish a company's reputation. Are you open to any kind of telematics system? Yes, we can work with all systems, re- gardless of who manufactured them. Still, the share of idem telematics systems in cur- rent vehicle monitoring is quite large. We have access to the relevant databases. In ad- dition, we consider ourselves as mediators between all body manufacturers involved. Safety is an important issue nowadays. Where do you see the industry heading re- garding safety transports? Until now, production and haulage information on individual products has hardly ever been correlated. I believe that there is great untapped potential here – in combining data to enable lot tracking during transport, and this for each indi- vidual package. For example, I could im- agine using indicators fitted with printed electronics. Of course, this means the highest level of professionalism in all business areas: For example, drivers are specially trained to understand the needs of the chef to whom they deliver the goods. Trading and deliv- ering high-quality food is a matter of trust. "Many customers grant our drivers access to the kitchen," Glos says. "They walk in on their own and re-stock the fridge with their delivery. You know, all chefs have one thing in common: They never have enough time." Always reliable and on time The most important customer demands: be punctual, deliver at the agreed date, and be reliable – precisely what has been ordered has to be delivered too. "Every day, we pur- chase goods from 80 countries around the globe. Customers will see a certain standard offer and additionally what the producers grow during each season. One may picture our company as a small stock exchange," Glos says. "Our warehouse must be empty by evening. This is why we contact our cus- tomers up to four times per day and offer them the freshest, most recent deliveries." CCG's service package also includes full support for end customers – even advice on what menu to offer. The group avoids using subcontractors as much as possible. It is the reason why CCG operates its own fleet of 125 vehicles. "Food is unforgiving," Glos says. "The tech- nology monitoring the cool chain must re- ally be reliable all day every day." CCG's vehicles have three chambers accommo- dating five temperature ranges. "Even if goods can be stored at the same temper- ature, they may have to be seperated, as some products can absorb other products' smells: This is true for flowers and fish or coffee and cheese." Planning is accordingly complex. Glos is certain that the cool chain will become more transparent to the end con- sumer as well. "In the future, customers will receive all information on the prod- ucts they request. Track & Trace – which has been a part of the package industry for a long time – will reach the food industry as well." He also believes that the sector will consolidate even further. "Not everybody buys everything anywhere, but you look for strong partners."  (jg) You will find more information on,, and