Driven by curiosity

Curiosity has always been highly valued at BPW: it has been the driver of numerous developments and paved the way for all manner of innovations. With the new core area of innovation management, BPW has now raised curiosity to a central and strategic level.

Driven by curiosity

Curiosity is the source of all innovation

Since time immemorial, curiosity has been the most important of our human qualities. It has not only delivered fresh insights but, on occasion, been key to survival. From the discovery of fire to the development of the automobile, curiosity is the motor of all innovation. While curiosity in childhood is often regarded negatively, this characteristic is equated with imagination and creativity in adulthood and is most commonly attributed to artists and inventors. However, the importance of curiosity in the world of work has long been given virtually no consideration, as it is not associated with the rational creative process.

What? How? Why? The triad of big ideas

Today, curiosity and innovation are more widely recognised as being mutually inseparable. Albert Einstein himself once said of his success, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” This driving force includes such aspects as the desire to discover and learn new things, and the enjoyment of problemsolving – all characteristics that drive markets and make innovation possible. BPW has established an innovation-friendly corporate culture. With the Innovation Lab in Siegburg and the Mechatronics Innovation Lab, BPW now has its own ideas factories that significantly accelerate the Group’s innovation management. Added to these is the ideas workshop in Wiehl, a space that invites people to think laterally. Combined with an open, value-based and knowledgeoriented corporate culture, these measures are bearing fruit. BPW has further enhanced its strong position as an innovation leader.

Innovation leader thanks to thirsty for knowledge

Evolution has always rewarded inquisitive behaviour. The modern economy is no exception, with the following outcome for BPW: best brand, best employer, best trainer, Green Tec Award, and in the summer of 2017 the award as a Top 100 Innovation Leader among medium-sized enterprises. The reorientation of the company as an international mobility and system partner has boosted the capacity for innovation in the BPW Group: one of the latest BPW developments that impress the industry is eTransport, an axle with integrated electric drive for inner city transport. The ePower wheel-hub generator is as innovative as it is sustainable: it generates electricity during braking and can thus replace noisy and environmentally harmful diesel engines in refrigerated vehicles. Curiosity was a decisive motivator in these and many other developments. “Our aim is to expand spaces for creativity and to provide resources so that we can continue imagining and conceiving of many more innovations to come,” says Michael Pfeiffer, personally liable managing partner of BPW.