RekuTrax research project


Sustainable and efficient transport solutions for the commercial vehicle industry make a decisive contribution to reducing global CO2 emissions. This is also the case with the "RekuTrAx" research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK): The aim is to develop a demonstrator for a fully integrated, intelligent recuperation axle for truck trailers - and to prove that it can reduce the CO2 emissions of commercial vehicle fleets. As project sponsor, the German Aerospace Center is supporting the project. Four partners are implementing it together:


What is already standard in hybrid or fully electric vehicles can also be made possible in combustion engines through the use of a recuperation axle: Energy recovery via the drive train. The research project "RekuTrAx" stands for "recuperation carrier axle" and deals with precisely this issue. The research basis is the BPW generator axle ePower.



RekuTrAx - BPW Bergische Achsen
The BPW ePower generator axle forms the research basis.


As a recuperation axle module, it recovers energy while driving and when braking the trailer and can thus supply cooling units of temperature-controlled transports with electricity emission-free and quietly. It makes the truck trailer capable of recuperation independently of the tractor unit and thus promotes sustainable transport. In the "RekuTrAx" research project, the technology is to be further developed - making new uses conceivable: Today, the recuperation axle can be used to power refrigerated trailers - perhaps soon it will also be used to power the tractor unit or other auxiliary units?

The recuperation axle of the future:

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