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trailer world Issue One 2012

Rubrik 2      Issue One 2012 Contents 08 Title  Fair wind, foul wind Energy of the future: The construction of offshore wind farms demands completely new logistics concepts. 16 Worldwide  Heavy loads anywhere in the world Kita Logistics has the ideal location for heavy transports in Turkey and to the West and the Middle East. 20 Innovative  Lightness for heavy goods Danish HBN Teknik is the only business in the BPW group to specialise completely on plastics. 23 Knowledge  Healthy lifting Again and again, man himself is needed as the “weight- lifter”. But the correct technique is important. 24 Reportage  Tailor-made for heavy freight Large parts often cannot fit into a container and must be individually packaged for transport. 27 Knowledge  Unusual load-carriers Optimum special transport does not always require many axles and huge horsepower. 28 Road  27.42m x 3.60m x 4.10m = 101 tonnes Impressive dimensions and tonnage are rather routine for the professionals of Schwandner. 32 Air  The one and only Mriya The Antonov 225 is the largest active cargo aircraft in the world – and the only prototype built. 36 Interview  »The market has recovered« trailer world talked with David Coupar of GE TIP about the resale value of trailers. 40 Worldwide  The salt of the sun Tough equipment is needed for the transport of salt obtained from seawater. Dear Reader, Human beings are “creatures of habit”. We find it difficult to accept change. But we now know that nothing is safe – particularly with regard to economic developments. We are forced to adapt faster than ever to changing requirements. So we have to make it our task to try and make difficult things easy – just like the heavy good specialists in this issue of trailer world. And with these changes we must also see opportunities, like our Danish subsidiary HBN Teknik did at the beginning of the 1980’s, when the company decided to produce car wings made of plastic instead of steel. With pioneering spirit and pas- sion, our Danish colleagues have committed themselves com- pletely to the new material and are now sought-after specialists worldwide for airbag pistons and air tanks (page 20). BPW is profiting from this expertise, and with the aid of our Danish colleagues is developing new suspension components. In a new and unique system approach, the concept “ECO Air COMPACT” air suspension includes the GFK ECO Air composite tank. We have also broadened our base in the area of chassis electronics with the shareholding in idem GmbH (page 6). And so we are working on further new product developments to make your trailers more economic, intelligent and useful. We hope you enjoy reading trailer world. Sincerely yours, Dr. Bert Brauers, Member of the Management Board/Sales E-Mail: Editorial picture gallery linkvideo/audio