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The lightweight option for your trailer

Less weight with the lightest running gear

With the BPW lightweight options for your trailer, you are carefree on the roads and benefit from a weight saving of 96 kg per vehicle. At the same time, this means additional revenue of up to 960 euros per year, which makes your transport significantly more efficient overall and results from the increase in payload. Rely on the lightest chassis on the market, the Airlight II in combination with LightTube trailing arm and aluminium hub. With our solution, you will be on the road reliably and efficiently, both on- and off-road.


BPW lightweight options offer enormous savings in terms of weight (module weight: <370 kg), costs (annual additional revenue per vehicle: EUR 960) and CO2 emissions (annual CO2 saving per vehicle: 204 kg).*.

*Values may vary/deviate depending on individual design/framework conditions.

The lightest BPW running gear offers you decisive advantages over your competitors thanks to its higher payload and lower fuel consumption.

Our standard for your transport

More efficiency with ECO Air

More efficiency, more mobility and 27 kg more payload - that's what ECO Air, your chassis for 9t on- and off-road operation, offers! It not only guarantees shortened throughput times and a weight-optimised as well as service-friendly design, but is also digital, modular and future-proof. Simply assemble your perfect chassis individually yourself thanks to the modular design.


Right from configuration and purchase, the running gear contains a unique digital DNA that enables highly efficient processes and intelligent services.


BPW ECO Air is the running gear generation for on-road and off-road use. The patented production process ensures maximum robustness.

The economic miracle


The self-steering axle LL shows its strengths especially in narrow traffic areas in delivery and distribution traffic. Thanks to better manoeuvrability in bends as well as when manoeuvring and turning, you benefit from easier vehicle handling, protect the tyres and consume less fuel - at a mileage of 100,000 kilometres, after all, up to 1,000 litres and over four tyres per vehicle. Extrapolate that to your entire fleet!

BPW Axle lift

Lift Axles, reduce costs

Vehicles with several axles can be equipped with a BPW axle lift to protect the tyres when driving empty or with a low load. BPW offers axle lifts for central or lateral positioning; all are compatible with the Auto-Drop system and have only a low dead weight. The axle lift automatically raises and lowers up to two axles in a three-axle vehicle.

More safety on the tyre

Optimum pressure for maximum economic efficiency

Even minimal tyre pressure loss can cost you dearly on long journeys. The EU Commission will make tyre pressure monitoring systems mandatory for newly registered trailers from 2024. BPW already offers you the right solutions today.

The AirSave tyre pressure control system with telematics kit makes your tyres digital. It monitors and regulates the tyre pressure continuously and fully automatically. This ensures more safety on the road and at the same time offers you a high cost advantage, for example in the form of fuel savings. In the event of a tyre defect, the driver is informed immediately, minimising the risk of accidents and avoiding long downtimes. Conveniently connect AirSave to your telematics for even more comfort and safety.



The BPW TireMonitor makes it easy to set the optimum tyre pressure. This saves you operating costs of up to 1,000 euros per vehicle and year through lower fuel consumption and less tyre wear. BPW TireMonitor (TPMS) consists of individual sensors that are attached to the rims and transmit the tyre pressure to a receiver unit with an accuracy of up to +/- 0.3 bar. The data can then be displayed via an app or in the cargofleet telematics platform.












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