Disc brakes ECO Disc - BPW Bergische Achsen

Disc brake BPW ECO Disc: More durable. Easier to service. Lighter.

The new generation of Europe's most successful trailer disc brake

Features and benefits

  • Simple and fast brake service through intelligent detailed solutions
  • You complete maintenance work in record time
  • Long service life thanks to the latest single stamp technology



  • You save fuel and increase the loading capacity of your trailers
  • You reduce operating costs through the offset tapped design (OTD: Offset Tapped Design *)
  • You experience maximum reliability thanks to the multifunctional adjustment unit (MFA: Multifunctional Adjuster *)


 * patent pending

Product details

Disc brakes ECO Disc - BPW Bergische Achsen

The new ECO Disc is the further development of Europe's most successful trailer disc brake. It is a milestone in brake technology and - with its robust design - provides absolute reliability when the going gets tough.

The new and unique Offset Tappet Design ensures that the forces and moments on the brake pad are perfectly balanced - for even brake wear, a long service life for brake pads and therefore lower operational costs. Despite its powerful performance and robust design, the ECO Disc still manages to be extremely lightweight. It is one of the lightest brakes on the market with an additional 4 kilograms of weight savings per axle.

Last but not least: the ECO Disc is extremely easy to service. As the brake disc can be changed without disassembling the caliper, you can save up to three hours of maintenance time on a three-axle trailer when compared to conventional solutions from competitors.

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