Handling of production process and product approval (PPA) of initial samples

1. General information

„The PPA Process is used to provide evidence, before start of production, that the customer requirements agreed in specifications … and other requirements (e.g. legislation, standards) are satisfied.

The approval, release covers the evaluation of processes and products based on the relevant documents, records and PPA samples in order to ensure that the requirements for production deliveries of conforming products have been met by the supplier.“

(VDA 2, 5th revised edition)


2. PPA at BPW

All requirements of the PPA process with the BPW are according VDA 2, current edition.

If there is no other request all documents and samples send by the supplier to the BPW shall be according Submission level 2 of VDA 2, 5th revised edition.


3. Initiation

The PPA process shall be initiated for all new parts and notifiable modifications which must be reported in accordance with the PPA trigger matrix.


4. Delivery

The samples shall be delivered according to remark in order

The samples have to be marked in order to get a clear correlation to PPA report and the documented values at any time

The marking itself will be done with a label supplied by BPW.

The sample delivery has to include a delivery note where the note „product samples“ is mentioned and visible (e.g. stamp).

The required documentation shall be to send to the responsible SQE in electronic form.


5. Conditional PPA-acceptance

After successful check of the product samples and documentation, the product will be conditionally released based on a time frame or volume.


6. Process release

The serial release will be given after the process capabilities for defined characteristics have been checked by BPW (documents or at the supplier)

If there is no other request all statistical evidences have to include at least 25 spot tests with each 5 samples. The calculated Cpk – value shall not be smaller than 1,33.


7. Costs

BPW reserves the right to put an extra charge on the tests created by the PPA process.