Mechanical suspension

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Simple and robust

Due to their simple design and highly practical solutions, mechanical suspensions from BPW set the standard worldwide for quality under all climatic conditions.


Broad portfolio for every application

The BPW product portfolio covers axle loads from 5.5 t to 20 t. BPW thus has appropriate solutions for every market, but especially when transporting heavy loads under difficult road conditions.

Easy assembly, simple servicing

Mechanical running gears from BPW are designed to allow assembly and maintenance with simple tools. Even in regions with poor infrastructure, the high availability of spare parts worldwide ensures that vehicles can be kept up and running when repairs are necessary.

BPW product solutions

In many markets, mechanical suspensions play a major role. The durability, ease of maintenance and emergency running properties of these running gears are critical to their utilisation – especially in situations where tough operating conditions, long distances between service points or long operating lives with low mileage are the order of the day.


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