Quality management at BPW

Relying on quality

For BPW, quality management is more than just a department. Quality is a topic which permeates all areas and the entire process chain and which starts with our suppliers. Furthermore, there are staff at BPW in every company area which pay attention to ensuring that all standards are adhered to and are continuously improved.

Quality from the laboratory

Quality down to the smallest detail means for us: down to the micro level. For this, we analyse the most varied materials using highly modern techniques and lots of know-how in our in-house laboratory and our expertise flows directly into our product development.


Quality through experience

A valuable key to high quality is also customer service. Through it, BPW receives direct feedback about the products. The experiences of our customers are collected, evaluated and then flow directly into development work.


Quality in our network

From Australia via Germany to Hungary, BPW manufactures and distributes quality products. In order to guarantee the high demands being met at all sites, processes are carried out in accordance with unified standards. That means: key parts of the processes are the same everywhere. so that you can be sure that the same high quality is contained in all of our products.

Into the top league with IATF certificate

Quality at BPW - BPW Bergische Achsen
The certification according to IATF standard 16949 underpins BPW's quality promise.

BPW has extended its portfolio of quality standards by proving its compliance with IATF 16949, and thus joined the ranks of the world’s leading automotive suppliers. The stipulations adopted by the International Automotive Task Force add numerous requirements and process documents to the existing raft of national and international standards. The audit leading to certification is regarded as extremely tough and has been passed by very few suppliers in the commercial vehicle segment.