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Becoming a BPW supplier

The BPW supplier portal is available for you

Pioneering advantages of the BPW supplier portal for you

The BPW Supplier Portal is the gateway to SCM communication for applicants and our existing suppliers. With numerous functions, it makes access to our global supply chain organization easier.

  • More efficient sharing of information and documents between BPW and you as a supplier
  • Greater transparency throughout the entire procurement process
  • Long-term supplier’s declaration
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Contract management


  • Global supplier profile
  • Global detailed supplier evaluation
  • Product release history
  • Document sharing history
  • RFQs / RFPs

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This is how you become one of our Quality Partners

As a globally operating manufacturer of axles and running gear systems for trailers, the BPW Group is always intent on optimising the process for procuring production materials and assets for the company in a holistic manner.

Becoming a supplier - BPW Bergische Achsen
  • Competitiveness at world market level
  • High level of technical expertise through the use of the latest manufacturing techniques
  • Fulfilment of BPW's logistical requirements
  • Flexibility plus fulfilment of a 100 % delivery service level
  • Adherence to ISO TS 16949 quality standards





  • Evidence of an environment management system in line with environment standard 14001 or EMAS
  • Willingness to be involved in development projects and value analyses
  • Guaranteed provision of technical support and advice
  • Economic situation of your company secured for the long term
  • Acceptance of the purchasing conditions of the BPW Group
Becoming a supplier - BPW Bergische Achsen

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Market Screening
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