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AirSave - The first tyre pressure control system with BPW Quality

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BPW AirSave: Tyre pressure control system - BPW Bergische Achsen

Many factors influence the point at which a purchase pays for itself. From now on, a new, helpful tool is available to you for this purpose: the AirSave amortisation calculator is here. Test it now and calculate the amortisation of the tyre pressure control system for your fleet:

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Product details

BPW’s AirSave allows you to continuously track and control your tyre pressure while driving.

The tyre pressure is constantly monitored and automatically adjusted to the desired level via a control box with booster. Should the pressure deviate considerably from the norm, for example in the event of tyre damage, a warning light informs the driver to this effect so that they can promptly drive to a service station instead of having to stop on the side of the motorway. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents, prevents downtimes, saves fuel by maintaining optimal pressure at all times, and reduces CO² emissions.

The engineers at BPW haven't reinvented the wheel with AirSave, just incorporated the market- leading P.S.I. system from Celerity DRS and developed it further with numerous measures. BPW thus places great importance on an independent, particularly robust and easy to install design for all external components mounted on the wheel end. The system uses the existing trailer pneumatics and, with a fully automatic booster pump, ensures that the preset tyre pressure is maintained at all times. The air is guided through the axle beam to the wheel end and from there to the tyre valve. The system will uncover a consistent loss of pressure. AirSave kicks in at a pressure deviation of just 0.2 bar – making it more reliable than other tyre pressure monitoring systems. AirSave is maintenance-free for three years.

As is typical for BPW products, the system can be connected digitally. An optional connection to the "cargofleet3" telematics portal from idem telematics is fitted by the manufacturer. The driver can keep an eye on the condition of all tyres at all times via the corresponding smartphone app. The app also indicates whether air has been readjusted.

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