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BPW Customer Service

Quickly on the spot if you need help

BPW is always there for you

The best thing is if the true meaning of "After-sales service" is never revealed. In the event of something going wrong, however, our Customer Service team and local service centres will provide help quickly, around the clock and with minimum form-filling to ensure your satisfaction. Because only then are we satisfied as well.



BPW extends breakdown assistance offer in association with Europe Net: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


  • You can reach us by calling our service hot line on

    +49 (0) 2262 78-0

  • Send us a fax on

    +49 (0) 2262 781537

  • Send us an


BPW Customer Service

Please refer to your contact partner directly

BPW 24-Hour Road Assistance Hotline

  • Unreachable from Belgium, Italy and Turkey over the wireless network
  • Unreachable from the countries Bosnia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine
  • In these cases, you can reach us via our service hotline +49 (0) 2262 78 1111

BPW Direct-Service

Minimal downtime through:

  • Short reaction times in case of damage
  • Fast repair services by trained staff
  • Stocking common BPW original spare parts
  • Excellent workshop equipment
  • Direct warranty processing
  • Comprehensive service quality - and internationally
  • Trained and competent partner BPW

BPW Service Partner

  • Nationwide service quality - also internationally
  • Trained and competent BPW partners
  • Find your nearest BPW service partner here


You have a complaint? BPW's warranty

  1. Please inform us in writing immediately after the damage has occurred with our request for warranty. You can either fill it in directly online or download it as a PDF file.

    BPW's warranty claim

  2. After we have received the completed form, you will receive a registration number from BPW as quickly as possible, together with information as to how the matter will be dealt with further.


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