Engineering services to optimise your vehicle development

From application to development

Support at all levels

We provide you with the support you need to get the most out of the BPW Group product range. Our offers: application consulting, product training and product standardisation.

A strong partner

We don’t see ourselves as a supplier, but as a partner. That’s why we provide you with knowledge support at the earliest stages of vehicle development.

Outstanding all-round advice

From design to cost/benefit analysis or installation and process efficiency: the specialists at BPW advise you in detail and develop the solution that’s right for you.

Application consulting: which axle, brake or suspension is right for the job?

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BPW helps you to select running gears that meet the needs of the market and fulfil all requirements and supports you in the standardisation of vehicle frames. At BPW, your ideas are in the best hands. This is because BPW carries a broad range of technically advanced application solutions. No matter whether you’re interested in detailed issues or the development of complete vehicles, we are always happy to advise you. If desired, BPW can also undertake on-road testing to find the right vehicle solution for you on the basis of the data collected. Here, BPW is able to draw on existing standards and experiences, or will develop a catalogue of required measures especially for you.

FEM calculations: structural-mechanical simulations by professionals

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BPW carries out computational analyses – also on the vehicle frame or frame sections – and, if required, proposes recommendations for optimisation. Our many years of experience in road test stress measurement and testing helps here. This enables you to save on calculation times and shorten test and development cycles.

Road tests: test bench for realistic testing

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In road tests, BPW analyses the load on frame components: for example deformations or stresses on supports, in gusset plates and in crossmembers are recorded using strain gauges and evaluated together with the vehicle manufacturer. This allows frame and running gear components to be optimally designed before the start of mass production.

Testing floor trials: realistic conditions for running gears

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In BPW bench tests, entire systems are tested or individual components are subjected to pulsating forces, for example. Various test programs, such as for performance or wear, can be used. In this way, it is possible to test the operating stability and component elasticity under realistic conditions, which in turn shortens the development time and improves the results.

12-channel module testing station: simulation of test tracks

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Using the 12-channel module testing station, BPW can simulate all potential vertical, lateral and longitudinal forces, as well as braking, steering and camber torques, that affect a running gear during operation. Rough stretches of track can thus be simulated in real time, the number of test track runs can be reduced, and the tests become more reproducible.

Brake calculations: bringing your vehicle to a safe stop

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BPW prepares its ECE brake calculations on the basis of using specific values from brake components such as brake cylinders from BPW as well as components and from other manufacturers. This allows for a meaningful technical and financial interpretation of design tolerances, safeguarding the best possible brake mounting and braking power for your vehicle.

Turning circle and tilt stability calculations: for the safety of your vehicles

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BPW offers the service of turning circle calculations. This calculation is recognised for vehicle registration and eliminates the need for practical demonstrations in almost all cases. BPW offers calculations according to ECE to prove the safety against tipping when registering new ADR vehicles in order to avoid the cost-intensive tilt test. Therefore, the planned vehicle meets all legal requirements from the outset. 

BPW services for vehicle manufacturers: the detailed brochure

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Do you want to know more about the services offered by BPW? Our current brochure will give you further insights.


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