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Training at BPW - in the commercial and industrial-technical field or cooperative!

Training at BPW - BPW Bergische Achsen

There's something for everyone. Even for you!

In our own training centre, but also in the entire company, a wide range of different training professions can be learned with us. 

Regardless of which area you are interested in: whether you are interested in craftsmanship or more theoretical - BPW offers a wide range of apprenticeships in the industrial-technical and commercial sectors. 

The cooperative training programme is based on a combination of in-company training and university education. In this way, you benefit from the transfer of theoretical knowledge and practical experience during in-house training at BPW.

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Discover BPW's Training Centre

Training is the foundation stone for occupational life. And because everything rests on it, it has to be as good as possible.
That has been the aspiration of BPW - for more than 85 years

Our Training Centre is the central contact point for all apprentices, equipped with state of the art technology and precisely meeting the requirements of the various occupations. It is spread over a total of three floors and ensures everyone can learn together and experience the ways in which the whole company interacts.

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Excellent training

Training at BPW - BPW Bergische Achsen

Having an in-house Training Centre in the way BPW does is something special. The advantage a large company has is being able to offer a wide variety of occupational training courses. The chances of being offered employment after the training has been completed are also enormously high. All in all, therefore, excellent conditions for undergoing training. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce has exactly the same view: BPW received an award from it for outstanding achievements in occupational training. That made us very happy, whilst also driving us on to do all we can to help our apprentices.

Training provider for 85 years

BPW has a real wealth of experience when it comes to training. The very first apprentice was called Karl Fuldauer and he completed his apprenticeship in 1925. Since then, hundreds of apprentices have prepared for their occupational life with BPW.We know what good training involves and how you best prepare young, motivated people for the future..

Training at BPW - BPW Bergische Achsen

Training is more than learning

We want to make sure that training provides a good start to occupational life. That means that for us the training must be interesting and varied. It must also convey more than just pure knowledge and skills. That is why we have a whole range of projects in which all those taking part can contribute and help realise their own ideas. One example: every year, we organise a Schools Event for the pupils, which is planned and carried out entirely by our apprentices - in 2011, it was a genuine BPW Song Contest. Simulation games, sports competitions or such like are also parts of the fixed programme

Always available for our apprentices

The size of our Training Centre shows in itself the high value BPW places on training.A total of seven trainers are employed to deliver the training courses: six in the industrial and technical areas - and one person for the commercial area.To this must be added the many technical specialists in the various company departments. All work together - to help every single apprentice be equipped to meet the future.

Training at BPW - BPW Bergische Achsen

Variety of occupations geared towards the future

BPW is one of the largest employers in the Oberberg District in Germany. It offers you opportunities for your future which hardly any other company can match. BPW offers a total of 17 occupations with apprenticeships: from toolmakers and mechatronic technicians through to industrial sales management assistants and IT specialists.

Check out our Full range of training courses. You are sure to find something there to interest you.

Training at BPW - BPW Bergische Achsen

Learning made easier

You also have to learn how to learn which is why learning islands have been set up directly in the workshops in the BPW Training Centre. This is ideal for small groups. Out trainers deal with all types of questions and are available to provide advice and assistance.We know what counts. All of our responsible trainers are members of at least one Chamber of Industry and Commerce examination panel. They know therefore exactly what our apprentices will be expected to know and do and are able to prepare them perfectly for this.

The right tool for the job

We say it openly: our mechanical basic training demands a lot from our apprentices. After all, every millimetre counts.That is an incentive for us. Our trainers are among the best in Germany. They accompany you throughout and provide you with tips as to how you can complete your tasks more easily.

Training at BPW - BPW Bergische Achsen

Filing at skills

Mechanical basic training is just as much a component of technical occupations as touch screens are for smart phones. Our apprentices' workshop is supremely well fitted for this purpose. There is room for everyone on the workbenches. We also have experienced trainers. In other words, everything for filing to produce precision engineering skills.By the way, we also offer work placements for school pupils as well

The sparks fly

Basic training with BPW means "thorough training". We teach our apprentices all they need to know about metal working, including welding.The Training Centre has its own welding cells for this purpose. You can really let the sparks fly as much as you like here!

Implementing your own ideas

Training at BPW - BPW Bergische Achsen

The cutting department on this floor is totally devoted to machine metal working. The focus in everything is firmly on what will be used later in practice.The advanced equipment in the Training Centre, together with our machine park, induces trainees to experiment and work creatively. We won’t hold you back. On the contrary: everyone who wants to try out their own ideas is encouraged to do so..

Everything fully up to date

Training must cover everything. To ensure that our apprentices are fully ready for their work after completing their training, our equipment is always at the most up to date level of technology. That is why we also place great value on teaching you what you will really need to know later on.

Training at BPW - BPW Bergische Achsen

Programmed for success

Nothing happens without computers in modern manufacturing any more. Our Training Centre is accordingly equipped with all the necessary computing resources.The best thing is you not only learn programming for 2D and 3D working of metal work pieces but you can also turn your designs practically into actual work pieces using the machines on this floor.

Career at the push of a button

You will not find a second Training Centre like BPW's in the whole region. One example is the equipment in our cutting department. All machines are also deployed in production work.

Pure tension

Training at BPW - BPW Bergische Achsen

Sometimes it all seems so simple: because in the field of electronics there is just "0" and "1". Intelligent devices such as computers and smart phones operate on this principle.Whether dealing with soldering irons or switchboards, practical experience is just as much at the forefront as theoretical knowledge in the BPW Training Centre.

Forwards at high pressure

Our air is not just for breathing. With the right pressure, you can also carry out mechanical work using it. The technical term for this is: pneumatics.You will learn all the basics in the BPW Training Centre - and of course also get to apply these in practice.

Hyped up for success

We need electricity the same way we do light. We use electricity to cook, vacuum and watch TV. Electricity operates computers, production machines and now automobiles as well.Our apprentices learn how all of that works in detail, of course both in theory and in practice.

Training at BPW - BPW Bergische Achsen

Always on the move

If liquids are put under pressure, they can be worked with in decidedly productive ways: hydraulics.The role this technology plays today will be as clear as day after completing an industrial and technical training course with us.