ECO Meter - BPW Bergische Achsen

BPW ECO Meter: Everything under control

The mileage of the trailer always in view

Features and benefits

  • Easy definition of maintenance intervals and tyre checks
  • Tire mileage control
  • Available for all common tire sizes up to and including 12 t
  • Simple installation due to capsule exchange
  • Counter is mounted in the capsule and protected against external damage
  • KTLZn coating

Product details

BPW ECO Meter: Odometer with many advantages

The BPW ECO Meter is an odometer integrated into the hub cap. It ensures that you always have control over the actual mileage of your trailers, even with changing motor vehicles. It is easy to install and available for different tyre sizes.

The ECO Meter has been further optimised for the ECO Plus 2 axle generation. For example, it has been given a hub cap design with bayonet lock and the visible contacts have been placed inside the housing for optimum protection against dirt.

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