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Efficient telematics applications for trucks and trailers

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Truck & trailer telematics - BPW Bergische Achsen

Two become one: telematics for trucks and trailers

BPW offers you the first complete telematics solution for trucks and trailers: cargofleet from idem telematics. Because your transports are only truly efficient if all processes – from scheduling to loading and transport – are perfectly in tune with one another. This includes the combination of telematics applications in trucks and trailers, regardless of vehicle manufacturer. 

Inexpensive and flexible telematics from idem telematics

With the cargofleet Trailer Gateway solution, idem telematics – a member of the BPW Group – has introduced an inexpensive and flexible telematics solution for towed units. The new trailer telematics is based on TC Trailer Gateway, an on-board computer that processes data from hubs.

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Truck & trailer telematics - BPW Bergische Achsen

Find out more about cargofleet from idem telematics

Your vehicles often ‘know’ best what they need. That’s why BPW is giving a voice to trucks and trailers. This is made possible by adding sensors to those parts and components that are susceptible to wear and damage, such as tyres or brakes: because tyre air pressure that is down just 20 percent results in 2 percent higher fuel consumption, increased tyre wear and higher CO2 emissions. At 100,000 kilometres a year, this amounts to around 1,000 euros – reason enough for permanent monitoring of tyre air pressure. And what applies to tyre air pressure also applies to many other areas. Trucks and trailers ‘know’ a great deal. By combining truck and trailer telematics, BPW sends information from the entire vehicle to precisely where it is needed: the driver and the haulier.

Information from truck and trailer to the on-board unit in the cab

Information from truck and trailer is transmitted via an online portal not only to the haulier, but also to an on-board unit in the driver’s cab. Settings, such as the cooling temperature in the trailer or the locking and unlocking of the rear frame doors, can be configured remotely thanks to the two-way communication – simply with a mouse click at the haulier’s headquarters, for example. All processes and data are documented and remain online for up to 18 months. Bundling information from truck and trailer creates maximum transparency, which you can use to optimise your transport and loading processes, in particular the opportunities provided by sensor-equipped components represent genuine added value for you.

All of the applications can be integrated into the telematics solutions from idem telematics, so that you can be notified directly via text message, e-mail or app if there are any deviations from the defined target values.

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