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Health management and occupational safety at work

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Promoting health and safety at work

BPW takes its responsibility for its employees very seriously. Company health management including a gym on the company premises, help with reintegration after a long illness or commitment to the family are only a part of the engagement. The principles for safe working should also help employees to feel comfortable at BPW in their daily work. Because a responsible approach to one's own health serves everyone.


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Our work safety principles

  • Maintaining the health and physical wellbeing of our employees is our overriding goal.
  • The safety of our employees in their place of work makes an important contribution to the commercial success of our company. As a corporate goal, work safety is thus accorded the same importance as the quality of our products and financial success.
  • The Management Board and the Works Council pursue the work safety targets jointly.
  • Work safety sustains and boosts the productive capacity and motivation of our workforce.
  • Work safety is an integral part of all operational processes and is included in the technical, economic and social considerations right from the planning stage. In so doing, the relevant laws, decrees, rules and related operating regulations are complied with.
  • Prevention, the proactive adoption of measures to maintain safety and in turn the health of our employees, is accorded a high priority in our organisation; here, the focus is on the continuous improvement of work safety.
  • Managers attend to the duties assigned to them in a responsible manner and are aware of their function as role models. Work safety is thus a key management task.
  • Successful work safety is dependent on the involvement, suggestions and participation of the entire workforce.  
  • Employees also have a personal responsibility to contribute to achieving the work safety targets to the best of their ability.
  • Employees of outside companies are subject to the same safety standards as our own employees. This is taken into account in the selection and collaboration with outside companies. Visitors are required to adhere to the safety regulations on our company premises.
  • Failure to comply with the work safety principles may lead to legal sanctions for managers, employees and outside companies.