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BPW Airlight II

When transporting liquid and bulk goods, every kilogramme counts. The lightweight and robust Airlight II running gear is a real all-rounder: whether as a lightweight version for tankers and silo vehicles or as a long-stroke version for swap bodies and mega trailers. The focus is on economy - thanks to maintenance-free axle integration and high payload, which can be further increased by the BPW lightweight components. With the BPW LightTube trailing arm and the BPW aluminium hub, you benefit from an additional weight saving of 96 kg per vehicle, which adds up to 960 euros per year.

The perfect combination: BPW Airlight II with the lightweight components LightTube and aluminium hub.





Airlight II - BPW Bergische Achsen
Savings to the power of 3

Lower costs, weight and CO2

It couldn't be lighter: the BPW Airlight II running gear, combined with the LightTube trailing arm and the aluminium hub in the 3-axle unit, achieves a weight saving of 96 kilograms per vehicle. This sets a benchmark in the market - a module weight of less than 370 kilograms. Thanks to the enormous weight advantage, you save three times over and benefit from lower costs, lower CO2 emissions and a significantly higher payload.

  • You save 960 euros
  • You save 96 kilograms of weight per vehicle
  • You save a lot of CO2
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Airlight II - BPW Bergische Achsen



Convince with ease

The innovative BPW lightweight components

BPW LightTube

The BPW LightTube trailing arm is forged from high-strength spring steel. Thanks to its hollow profile, it achieves a weight saving of 42 kilograms - while retaining the same stability. The BPW aluminium hub reduces the weight by a further 54 kilograms. This means that you benefit from an additional load of 96 kg per vehicle, which translates into additional revenue of 960 euros.

BPW aluminium hub

Don't sacrifice anything except weight: Most weight-saving measures are associated with restrictions - despite a weight saving of 18 kg, with the BPW aluminium hub you don't sacrifice stability or durability thanks to the high-strength forged material and KTLZN coating. The aluminium hub can be retrofitted to all existing axles and can be combined with Airlight suspension.




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