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BPW's health management scheme

Health is highly valuable

It not only has an influence on our personal well-being, but is crucial to our individual performance, the working atmosphere, and the productivity of the company.

A responsible approach to health is therefore in the best interest of everybody – especially as our working lives are becoming longer. This is based on legally binding measures relating to work safety and environmental protection.

However, BPW goes above and beyond this with its occupational health management scheme, which promotes the health and well-being of its employees in all divisions in a systematic and sustainable way. One aim is to strengthen employees' personal responsibility and initiative. 

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The four pillars of BPW's occupational
health management scheme

Social counselling: Listen to a professional opinion – I'll do that!

BPW social counselling is available to all employees for occupational, private or health-related matters. With her professional and objective view of things, the trained social worker can point out new perspectives and provides independent and neutral advice in the strictest confidence. Special attention is paid to compliance with the legal provisions concerning confidentiality.

Our counselling service:

  • Conflicts in the workplace
  • Problems in private life
  • Developing new perspectives

Work & Family: Find somewhere that will look after the kids – I'll do that!

BPW KidsTreff offers straightforward short-term care at flexible times for employees' children aged between 4 months and 14 years! In addition, BPW can help you to find a childminder and also offers a varied and exciting programme for the little ones during the afternoons and holidays.

Our service:

  • KidsTreff
  • Cooperation childminders' network
  • Kids' camps
  • Flexible childcare in the afternoon

Health promotion: Do something for my health – I'll do that!

When it comes to health promotion, the focus is clearly on personal responsibility. To support this, BPW offers its employees a wide range of services that make maintaining one's own health part of everyday life.

BPW AktivTreff helps employees to stay fit and healthy. A personal training plan is prepared for every employee.

The sport and health services available to apprentices during their training at BPW include special courses on subjects such as nutrition, fitness, strength training and cardiovascular fitness. Here, too, the focus is on taking responsibility for one's own health.

Our service:

  • AktivTreff
  • Ergonomics in the workplace
  • Sports

Integration management: Ask how to ensure successful re-entry – I'll do that!

Many wishing to return to their job after a long absence – after an illness, for example – would like a "gentle start" in order to settle back in gradually. Together, we find a personal and flexible solution that allows employees to regain their former strength at their own pace.


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