Tyre pressure monitoring for trailers: Mandatory from 2024 according to ECE R 141


If a pressure loss of more than 20 per cent occurs or the system malfunctions, the driver must receive a warning within ten minutes.


With tyre pressure control systems, a pressure deviation of five percent must be automatically compensated for within ten minutes.


The warning display must be in the driver's cab; communication takes place via the ISO interface 11992.

The right tyre pressure systems for your trailer:

Tyre Pressure Refill System:

BPW AirSave

The BPW AirSave tyre pressure control system (TPRS) already exceeds the requirements of the UN ECE R 141 regulation. The tyre pressure is constantly monitored and automatically regulated to the desired
automatically to the desired target pressure via a control box with booster. If there is a pressure deviation, the driver is informed by a warning light that there is a tyre defect - he can drive to a workshop promptly instead of having to stop. This reduces the risk of accidents and increases safety on the road. At the same time, it offers you a significant cost advantage, for example in the form of fuel savings. Conveniently connect AirSave to your telematics system for even more convenience and safety.

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System:

idem TPMS

The idem Tyre Pressure Monitor (TPMS) continuously measures the tyre pressure. This allows the optimum tyre pressure to be set at all times. It consists of individual sensors that are attached to the rims and measure the tyre pressure with an accuracy of up to +/- 0.3 bar and transmit it to a receiver unit (TC Trailer Gateway BASIC or TC Trailer Gateway PRO). In accordance with the requirements of UN ECE R141, the tyre pressures are transmitted to the towing vehicle via the EBS. There they can be displayed in the dashboard. Both TC Trailer Gateway BASIC and TC Trailer Gateway PRO offer more: with their telematics function, you can also transmit the TPMS data to a control centre, where the Smart TPMS function enables email notification to defined recipients: e.g. fleet manager or tyre service - or the tyre data can be further processed with classic telematics functionalities such as alarming, reports, maintenance calendar and much more. Of course, this data can then also be displayed via an app or in the cargofleet telematics platform.

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Both tyre pressure systems can be combined with the new intelligent BPW iC Plus running gear generation. Install now and benefit from predictive maintenance, less downtime and cost advantages!


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