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Products - BPW Bergische Achsen

Quality for the transport industry

Every day, thousands of trucks travel the roads to ensure we are supplied with the goods we need. However, this logistical masterpiece should not be taken for granted as everything needs to be co-ordinated. It is, above all, the running gears that are exposed to high loads mile after mile, travelling on rough surfaces in cold weather, high temperatures and dusty conditions. BPW has always insisted on building quality products that can handle such challenging conditions.


Efficiency for trucks and trailers

At the same time, it is important to transport the load not just safely, but also economically. BPW offers you the complete trailer running gear from one source: from the axle and bearing technology to the suspension, brakes and electronic braking system. Our telematics applications ensure greater cost-effectiveness because efficient fleet management will reduce your operating expenses. Do your everyday transport operations involve further challenges? We can assist you with our optimally coordinated product portfolio and range of services.


Products from BPW: quality for the transport industry

Versatile product solutions – for your competitiveness

BPW develops running gear systems including axles, brake technology, suspensions and bearings as well as fasteners and superstructure technologies, lighting systems, composite technologies all the way through telematics systems. This is complemented by our comprehensive range of services and a dense network of our own spare parts dealers and shops – to keep your trailers running at all times. The owner-managed BPW Group encompasses more than 70 companies in over 30 countries worldwide and employs around 7,000 people.

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