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The precision of Predictive Maintenance

June 2023

How precisely can Predictive Maintenance predict when a vehicle needs to go to the garage? Benjamin Adrian, Deputy Head of the System Analysis, Prognosis and Control department at the Fraunhofer-Institut für Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik ITWM in Kaiserslautern, is researching this topic. In this interview, he explains how precisely the optimal time for predictive maintenance can and should be calculated.

Recycled plastic in the commercial vehicle industry: lighter, sustainable and equally stable

March 2023

People are increasingly turning to recycled materials in the commercial vehicle industry as a way to save resources: BPW affiliate HBN-Teknik from Denmark is a pioneer in this practice. In this interview, CEO Oscar William Gunner reports on what his teams are working on.

The human factor in transport and logistics

January 2023

There is a lack of truck drivers and many other logistics professionals: and the skills shortage is putting pressure on the industry. Which is exactly why a greater focus needs to be placed on the human factor again, says Johannes Berg, managing director of Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg, in a motionist interview.

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Idle kilometres saved by the Bavarian-Shuttle

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Trailer refrigeration without direct emissions

April 2022

The requirements for low-emission and quiet transport, particularly in inner-city logistics, are increasing. An efficient, autonomously driven trailer refrigeration solution from collaboration partners Thermo King and BPW is designed to sustainably improve the ecological balance. Field trials are currently underway and series production is scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Study: E-trucks lead the way in terms of cost efficiency

August 2021

Which technology is winning the race when it comes to zero emissions in the commercial vehicle sector? According to a recent study by the non-governmental organisation Transport & Environment, battery-electric long-haul trucks and trolley trucks come out on top in a comparison of total cost of ownership.

“The industry has a Herculean task to tackle”

January 2021

In order for logistics to make its contribution to climate protection, it needs new drive concepts in road freight transport. The demand on politicians: they should ensure clarity in the funding landscape! Representatives from politics and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) discussed this at the online conference "Politics meets Logistics".

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Logistics hero

“Don’t put up with everything!”

April 2023

Many truck drivers work in difficult conditions. Juan Pedro Garcia Rosales, who has been in the profession himself for three decades, is a strong advocate for his colleagues - through his work in associations and interest groups, but also on a personal level.

Regular meetings for professional drivers

March 2023

Truck drivers from across Germany meet at the regular long-distance drivers' meetings held by the police to discuss ideas and find out what is new. Chief police commissioner Andrea Möller is on the ball in Winsen (Luhe) - she is committed to gaining more appreciation for vehicle drivers and better working conditions.

Woman fights for more truck parking spaces

March 2023

Anna Kuzynin tackles grievances in the transport industry head-on – both professionally and voluntarily. Since the shortage of parking spaces makes work extremely difficult for truck drivers, she is now campaigning for more truck parking spaces as Key Account Manager at KRAVAG Truck Parking.

Big picture

This semi-trailer combination can carry more than 144 tonnes of logs over selected routes in the Kaingaroa Forest, the largest forest on the North Island of New Zealand.

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A joy through the bends for more than 35 years

May 2023

The load-dependent self-steering axle from BPW makes it easier to manoeuvre HGV drawbar trailers and semitrailers and saves costs. Its patent application in 1986 was the starting signal for a real success story: it has become the standard for multi-axle trailers – thanks to an intelligent and simple idea.

Innovation in series

April 2023

BPW has been setting inventions in motion for 125 years.

Endurance test in snow and ice: Electric trailer cooling under extreme conditions

April 2023

The ePower generator axle from BPW generates energy while the trailer is moving. The first refrigeration companies are already using the solution to operate the diesel unit of the refrigeration machine in the trailer without emissions. Before going into real operation, ePower was subjected to the endurance test during test drives in Spain and Sweden under extreme temperature conditions. Celine Piepenbrink and Eike Goergen from the project team tell us what the axle had to withstand.