Telematics for all

February 2022

Telematics systems are becoming the new standard in transport: vehicle manufacturers are increasingly making the hardware standard equipment. And with the electrification of the drive system, telematics is likely to become even more important for inner-city transport.

Always right under pressure

December 2021

Mustafa Celik does not take heavy loads lightly: The haulage contractor has specialised in demanding coil transports for many years and finds solutions for his clients even when others turn away.

‘The axle is the new engine compartment!’

November 2021

BAX is an electrically powered 7.5-tonne truck developed by BPW Bergische Achsen in cooperation with Paul Nutzfahrzeuge. It is an emission-free, series-produced vehicle that charges at lightning speed, can easily travel 200 kilometres without intermediate charging, and can carry a payload of three tonnes. It will be available from spring 2022. Markus Schell, personally liable managing partner of BPW, explains in an interview with motionist how the project came about, which team was behind it, and what the BAX can achieve in the last mile.

The lightweight universal genius

September 2021

Mit Airlight II hat BPW seine universelle Luftfederung für den Einsatz im Bereich von neun bis zwölf Tonnen weiterentwickelt. Der runde Achskörper, innovative Materialien und eine lasergestützte Produktion machen es zum leichtesten Fahrwerk auf dem Markt. Denis Wierwille, BPW Produktmanager Trailer Solutions & Mobility Services, erklärt die Technologie und das Know-how dahinter.

Schwarzmüller and idem telematics establish new standard: Telematics becomes trailer standard equipment

July 2021

Order a telematics system for the new trailer? And if so, which one? These questions no longer arise for customers of Wilhelm Schwarzmüller GmbH. Since June 2021, the vehicle manufacturer based in Freinberg, Austria, has been equipping its trailers with networked technology as standard ex works. Without additional costs for the customers, but with tangible added value.

When every kilo counts

May 2021

With silo vehicles, every kilogram of empty weight that can be saved is important: The supposedly small advantage adds up to tangible economic and ecological effects with numerous tours per day, for example in construction site logistics. Among other things, the silo vehicle manufacturer Feldbinder relies on lightweight components from BPW to successfully slim down its trailers.

upBox: the digital and automated spare parts warehouse

March 2021

The upBox from the BPW Aftermarket Group could revolutionise the procurement of spare parts for commercial vehicle workshops. The spectacular idea behind the digital solution is the intelligent spare parts warehouse, in which all processes run fully automatically. Does the system work in practice? The commercial vehicle specialist Beilharz has tried it out.

BPW Active Reverse Control: The axle thinks and steers

February 2021

Manoeuvring on narrow farms and their even narrower access roads is an art in itself. With these special requirements in mind, trailer specialist Finkl has developed a new generation of vehicles for animal transport and uses the BPW Active Reverse Control auxiliary steering system. Customers from all over Europe are enthusiastic about the advantages.

From the idea to real innovation

February 2021

As a running gear system manufacturer for truck trailers and semi-trailers, BPW has always stood for merging tradition with modernity. With the iGurt, an intelligent system for securing loads, BPW in Wiehl has presented a real innovation: The smart product was developed to production readiness within 2.5 years. How exactly does such a process work?

“The E-axle is a real powerhouse”

January 2021

eTransport – the e-drive system from BPW – proved its strength in a special test: Paul Nutzfahrzeuge drove a converted Mercedes-Benz Vario with almost two tonnes of beer emission-free to the Großer Arber in the Bavarian Forest.

“We are fully convinced”

November 2020

Telematics, roof height adjustment system, self-steering trailer axle: modern technologies are conquering the fleet. But what do they really achieve? That is exactly what the Italian haulier Bennato Ulisse & Figli wanted to know: As part of the BPW Movin' Stars campaign, they extensively tested the innovative products of the BPW Group in their day-to-day business for four weeks.

Shop telematics solutions online

September 2020

Purchasing telematics hardware and software from different manufacturers on one portal: This is now possible with the new online marketplace One of the leading tech partners is the IT service provider tiramizoo. Its transport management system for urban logistics enables highly efficient inner-city logistics processes.

Quality in the face of a crisis – a Turkish success story

November 2019

The Turkish commercial vehicle industry is struggling with declining sales, but quality remains in demand, particularly in difficult economic times – more than 20,000 BPW axles and air suspension systems were assembled in BPW Otomotiv’s plant near Istanbul in 2018, and the company’s production output has tripled in the past five years.

Mini black box: a small box with huge impact

November 2019

Why make it complicated if it can be simple? To trace the forces that impact a running gear during a field test, Reiner Moog used to have to unpack all his measuring equipment. Now, with the mini black box, the head of field testing at running gear specialists BPW Bergische Achsen is breaking new ground: the new device fits inside a case and can be ready to use in two hours. This might not sound spectacular, but it could be the Holy Grail of measurement technology.

Upturn in the economic wonderland

September 2019

India’s economy is flourishing with remarkable growth rates. The requirements for transport and logistics are also growing in line with this. Kamal, one of India’s largest manufacturers of tipper vehicles, has now installed BPW air suspension in its first tipper. The technology offers many advantages, in particular given the harsh conditions on the country’s roads.

Experience transport innovations, and try out trailers for free

March 2019

BPW’s Movin’ Stars campaign is proving once again how the cost-effectiveness of transport can be optimised. Four test trailers have been fully kitted out with innovative solutions from the BPW Group. Hauliers can drive them for free for real-life practical experience.

The smart spare parts store

February 2019

Finnish commercial spares dealer Trailcon – a BPW Group subsidiary – has developed a container that functions as a mobile spares store, giving workshops round-the-clock access to parts.

Revolution at a click: digitisation of semi-trailer running gear

February 2019

Thanks to the unique ‘digital DNA’ of all components, BPW is revolutionising how semi-trailer running gear is configured, ordered, produced, assembled and maintained. The digitalisation of all components and processes is making it much easier to find spare parts.

Full Control

September 2018

To ensure that sensitive goods such as medication or fresh foodstuffs stay cool during transport, you need the best technology and the highest degree of reliability throughout the supply chain. That’s why the Hesse-based haulier B & M Logistics-Service and the sushi producer Natsu Foods from Neuss rely on telematics solutions from idem telematics.

Electronic assistants

September 2018

BPW is launching a plug-and-play auxiliary steering system with innovative sensor technology.

Rugged axle, powerful drive: the hydraulic drive axle AGRO Drive

May 2018

Rolling on where others fear to tread – BPW’s hydraulic drive axle AGRO Drive digs deep when the going gets tough. The hydrostatic drive system keeps trailers and agricultural machinery on the move.

Industry 4.0: Translating aspiration into practice

September 2017

A digitally interconnected wheel and axle assembly shop was completed in a major project at the BPW facility in Wiehl. The challenge of implementation was taken up by the IT production & internal logistics department.

Successful field tests

May 2017

The BPW Movin’ Stars campaign enables customers to test the diverse system components produced by BPW Group in fully equipped trailers. The first hauliers to take up the offer report on their findings.